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Programs Tailor Made for All Needs


Kindermusik is truly a wonderful program for kids from the age of newborn to seven years old. It has been proven that kids who have taken Kindermusik have much higher results in early learning, school, motors skills and so much more. We have some of the greatest teachers available. They all love their jobs and it’s a true passion of theirs to help with early learning so young kids can have a great start to life.

Private Lessons

 One-on-one private lessons are utilized to cater to your specific needs and we design the lesson plans exactly for your skill level. We video the lessons with Facebook live which allows you or your family to watch the lesson live and go back and review throughout the week if you have any questions.

Group Lessons

 Enjoy the experience of being in a class with a group of people as excited as you are to further develop your love and desire for music. Group lessons are to great to interact with people as well as make new and life long friends. Having people to talk to that are at the same level as you provides a great atmosphere that can encourage you to keep going.

Custom Programs

Zamar School of Music and Arts has always had a love and passion for helping people grow musically and to reach their greatest potential in all areas, not just in music but in being creative as well. This is why have also have various programs that deal with the more “artsy” aspect of life. From piloting drones to taking video or creating YouTube videos. We love to encourage and train people in all aspects of being creative.


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